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Investing in a time share

I always wondered about whether it would be sensible for the family to invest in a timeshare when the kids where younger, but we never seemed to have enough time or money to take the plunge. Now that we are retired and the kids have moved out of home we have a lot more time and money to think about traveling, so we took the plunge and bought into a time share. It's been a great way to invest our money and we've been able to travel more than we used to. This blog has some tips on picking time-share investments schemes that suit your family and goals.


4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Home Builder

4 June 2016
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At the end of a long day at work in the city, people want to retreat to their fortress, their home. A house is not just a place to live; it is where life activities happen. Family gatherings, birthday parties, dinner dates, or simply just a relaxing afternoon spent on the patio all create memories that can last for a lifetime. Many people want a home so perfectly tailored that it can only be constructed from scratch, to their specifications, by a new home builder. Read More …

Tips on Renting Out Your House

1 March 2016
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Are you looking to let your house for extra income? Do you need a bigger home, but don't want to sell your current one? Do you want to take some time out and travel? Good news: now is a great time to become a landlord. Property value in Australia has risen by a median of 6.9% in eight major cities in 2014 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, making it an excellent time to invest in real estate. Read More …

Real Estate Sale | 4 Photography Tips To Dress Your Property For Success

26 February 2015
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While the decision to sell your real estate home is a big one, you need to follow it up with a couple of other decisions too, including whether you're going to engage a professional photographer or take photos on your own to add to the listing. Taking photos of your home isn't as simple as you think – mirrors reflect light, doorframes make the room smaller and windows don't seem as bright as they do in-person. Read More …

3D-printed Skeleton Keys: Is There Any Point in Locking Up the House?

13 February 2015
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Humans have been securing their most valuable possession against intrusion for centuries. By fitting the doors of their homes with locks, people have been successfully protecting the sanctity of their private space, the safety of their families and the well-being of their material possessions. Although lock pickers have been around almost aslong as locks themselves, the technology of locksmithing has managed to stay several steps ahead of the street level lock picker. Read More …

4 Good Reasons To Clear Out Before You Move Out

5 February 2015
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Moving house, and especially moving interstate, in the wondrously large country that is Australia can be a big undertaking at the best of times.  The move, however, can be made ever more daunting by an abundance of possessions.  Given that Australians have the largest houses in the world, come moving time many people are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of possessions that they have to move, and the time it will take to do so. Read More …